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As we wander through life, a jungle of information overwhelms our SOUL; an endless load of stimuli that deafens our ears, blinds our sight, obscures our mind. But within ourselves, there is a place where we can CREATE, where we can truly LISTEN.
In the SILENCE that separates our thoughts, the space between our emotions and the gap between our fears, we experience BEING. It is right there, in that state of STILLNESS, that LIGHT shines through: we discover ourselves broader, infinite, INSPIRED. We are all UNIQUE, but deeply, we all share that destiny, that CALLING, that quest for inner PEACE.

INSPIRITV honors the SPIRITUAL journey of every soul by creating a line of Fragrances, that reveals and transforms the most ancestral and evocative of our senses into a powerful instrument of INNER DISCOVERY.

Five paths, five fragrances, that lead to the same source of enlightenment and inner awareness, based on an idea of spirituality and beauty that goes beyond all creeds, religions and cultures. LVX means LIGHT, the ZENITH of all INSPIRITV creations. The aphorism ‘Lvx in Tenebris’ embraces the origins and the history of the brand. It is the INSPIRITV INCENSE, which with its voluptuous and ancestral aroma, celebrates the unifying power of the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS that knows no boundary.
The notes of LVX are the olfactory and conceptual memory of the other four fragrances inspired by the cardinal virtues: FORTITVDO, IVSTITIA, TEMPERANTIA and PRVDENTIA.